Early Bird

If you ask––I would tell you that I am not a morning person. But yet there I was at 5:30 this morning on my couch (coffee in hand) and inspirited. There is something about early morning that brings an immense peace that no other time of day allows. My days run smoother when I amContinue reading “Early Bird”

The Easy Solution

When I see someone struggling, my heart swells with sympathy. I am mostly socially awkward and don’t know what to say face to face. I guess sometimes I also feel it isn’t my place to bring up someone else’s issues. So I will express my feelings here. This goes out to more than one person…Continue reading “The Easy Solution”


I confronted my fear. I looked the treadmill in the eye and stepped up. (Deep breath) I pressed the go button and….nothing. I pressed another button and….nothing. Perplexed. I looked to the guy to the right of me and he looked away. Well thanks nice guy. (Really big deep breath) Ding ding ding the emergencyContinue reading “Update”

Phone Rehab

Oliver has been waking up around 5:30-6:00ish. Out of desperation, we lay him in bed with us in hopes that we can gain more rest. It usually lasts a half hour or so. He climbs on me laughing and poking at my face until I finally get up. I sit up and he climbs outContinue reading “Phone Rehab”

My Little Gentleman

Luke is four and has many moments where he acts like a four year old…or three year old…or sometimes a two year old. It’s normal. Kids revert back to stages many times. It is all a part of learning and growing. Heck, there are times that I act like a two year old. Aside fromContinue reading “My Little Gentleman”


Morning I am rocking Oliver; our cheeks are pressed against each others. Luke crawls up on my lap and I kiss his forehead. Luke reaches over and holds Oliver’s hand. Both boys are smiling. There is no other place I can imagine being. It doesn’t last long. Luke gets down and asks for something toContinue reading “Today”


For our third anniversary, Matt surprised me with a trip to Chicago. Luke was going to stay with Matt’s parents. I was excited but nervous because it was the first time that we would be away from him for more than one night. Fun fun fun was had on that trip. I missed Luke butContinue reading “Snapshots-Oliver”


I would have fallen asleep if a coworker didn’t startle me. My head was resting on the table in the break room––something I never did. He asked me why I was so tired and then told me I was pregnant. I said no and he laughed and said I definitely was. Was that why IContinue reading “Snapshots-Luke”