If you ask––I would tell you that I am not a morning person. But yet there I was at 5:30 this morning on my couch (coffee in hand) and inspirited. There is something about early morning that brings an immense peace that no other time of day allows. My days run smoother when I am given the time to warm up. To describe this, let me start over from the beginning…

Oliver is engrossed with his blocks and I engrossed in thought. I feel a peace, a lightness in my soul. The quiet semi-solitude will be gone soon and the hustle of a busy day will emerge. So I absorb all I can. I slowly drink my coffee, the warmth flows down my throat and I savor every ounce. My body awakens at its own pace, not like some mornings when I am forced to get up and instantly start mothering my kids. Oliver is hungry and I feed him. Now content––he plays some more. I am finished with my coffee and take him in his room. He brings me a book and plops on my lap. When the book is finished he brings me another. We go through about five books and then move on to puzzles. As both our energies rise, our play enlivens. We play basketball and Oliver starts running around laughing. It is now that Luke wakes up but I feel ready for the day. So all is good.

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