When I see someone struggling, my heart swells with sympathy. I am mostly socially awkward and don’t know what to say face to face. I guess sometimes I also feel it isn’t my place to bring up someone else’s issues. So I will express my feelings here. This goes out to more than one person…

It pains me to see you struggling, hurting, and tired both physically and mentally. Know that when I see you like this, I am there for you although I may not know what to say. I do not claim to be or want to come off as a wiseacre, but there is a solution––an easy one. You place the weight of life and all the problems life gives on your shoulders. Just stop. Stop right now. Take a deep breath and then pray. Pray for clarity, pray for strength and pray to see all the blessings that are right in front of you. Pray for the faith of a child. To see life’s awesome wonders. To be excited for each and every day that you and your loved ones are alive and breathing. To be reminded of what really matters. To find your very own passion(s) and to go forth and walk your own path (sounds lame but I don’t care). To know that you are enough and that you are loved. To allow others in and know that you can’t do it on your own.

I hope this helps. I hope you know I care about you and will always be there. When life gets the best of me, I hope you remind me of the easy solution.

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