Who am I Trying to Fool

I went for a run today. The first real run in a while. I felt like I was five hundred pounds and had never ran in my life. I am not new to running or working out. It is something that I enjoy. I work out about four days a week (on a normal week). Since Oliver has been born, I just find it easier to go the the gym. I drop the kids off at the child watch and I workout. Easy. To wait for Matt to get home to go out for a run just doesn’t work. Or maybe that’s an excuse.

My usual workout is the elliptical or the bike, and then some weights. I am trying to tone up a bit so I have been doing more weights lately. Ok like I said, I enjoy running. I have a weird phobia when it comes to treadmills. I am convinced that my shoe lace will get caught and I will fall to my death. I am going to blame this one on my brother Tony. There was a night (a long time ago) that he and someone else turned a treadmill on full blast…then ran, jumped on the treadmill and whooshed through the air landing on their butts. This went on for about an hour until one of them got their pants caught and ripped. It was hilarious to watch. But after that, I realized the sheer power that a treadmill holds. I have the same phobia with escalators.

The gym that I go to has an indoor track. Here’s my next lame excuse. The track circles the entire upper gym. When I am on an elliptical or other machine you can see the track. I have a habit of watching the runners. I study the real runners…I watch their technique, take mental notes and forget as soon as I get home. Then there are the not so real runners. Actually most of them walk. I don’t mind walkers, physical activity is physical activity and it is good. It is the social walkers I can not stand. The walk and talk to their friends and don’t move out of the way people drive me looney. I almost have wanted to get off the elliptical, tap them on the shoulder and remind them of their rudeness. There are lanes designated for walking, you know. No excuse…unless of course you can’t read. Still no excuse because it should be common courtesy to let someone pass. I get so irritated and I am not even the runner trying to slide past them.

I guess the point of all this is that running is the best workout (in my opinion) and I have no good reason not to be doing it more. Especially since I really like to run. I need to face my fear and jump on the treadmill. I need to stop making excuses and wait for Matt to come home or wake up early and go for a run. Maybe I should also use the indoor track. If I have to shove some social walkers out of my way–I won’t. I’ll scream, “Get off my traaaaaccccck.” I won’t do that either. The most I’ll do is say excuse me and maybe roll my eyes as I pass.

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