For our third anniversary, Matt surprised me with a trip to Chicago. Luke was going to stay with Matt’s parents. I was excited but nervous because it was the first time that we would be away from him for more than one night. Fun fun fun was had on that trip. I missed Luke but the time away was much needed. We came home and went back to our normal routine. Well…until I found out I was pregnant. We were trying so it was no surprise. (It is a standing joke that Matt and I can’t go away on our own because I always come back pregnant…we found out I was pregnant with Luke after our honeymoon.)

The pregnancy was pretty much the same as my first. The first trimester was a little worse, but I was chasing a little one around so there was no napping as I pleased. Second trimester was easy peasy. The third was ok in the beginning but the end was rough. A month before my due date, I wound up with a stomach virus that ended in a visit to the ER for IV fluids. It sucked.

I had a C-section scheduled this time, it was nice knowing the exact date and time when Oliver would come. Everything was set and planned for his arrival date. Oliver had a different plan though. He was eager to enter the world. Two weeks before I was supposed to have him…I went into labor. My doctor feared I was still dehydrated from the stomach virus so he pumped me with IV fluids in hopes that it would stop the labor. It didn’t. The one thing I looked forward to with having a scheduled c-section was not having to feel the contractions of labor. Yep. I had to go through hours of labor with a IV hooked up to me. Grrrrr. Finally my doctor decided to do the c-section.

When Oliver arrived, the doctor lifted him up and then he was swiftly swept away. He had fluid in his lungs. Oliver was sent to the special care nursery and I to the recovery room. It felt nauseating not having him near. An uneasiness dwelled in me and I hated not being able to nurse him right away. Matt was extremely anxious but denied it. The pacing back and forth gave it away. At one point they did wheel my bed into the room so I could see Oliver. He was hooked up to oxygen and other misc. tubes. All I wanted to do was hold my baby tight. All I could do was hold his tiny hand and cry. It was awful. I knew it could have been much worse but at that moment it was horrifying. Hours (felt like days) later I got my precious Oliver in my arms and all was right in my world.

Oliver has brought a lightness to our family. He makes me…makes us all more playful. He is laid back and happy pretty much at all times. He laughs and dances while his eyes gleam. You can’t help but to be happy when you are around Oliver. His goofiness balances Luke’s serious nature. While Oliver makes me smile…Luke makes me think. Luke never takes “I don’t know” or “because I said so” for an answer. There have been times I have looked things up because I didn’t know the answer. Really I have. I love his inquisitiveness and his persistence (most of the time). My boys–what else can I say except that I am madly deeply in love with them.

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