My Little Gentleman

Luke is four and has many moments where he acts like a four year old…or three year old…or sometimes a two year old. It’s normal. Kids revert back to stages many times. It is all a part of learning and growing. Heck, there are times that I act like a two year old. Aside from the moments of being a kid, I have the pleasure of witnessing the person Luke will be as an adult. Sometimes it lasts only for a few seconds, but those few seconds make me proud. He is my little gentleman. Here are a couple instances.

My friend and her two daughters came in from out of town for a visit. Her youngest, Camden, is Luke’s age. The night they drove in, I allowed Luke to stay up past his bedtime so he could see her. He said, “I will wait all night to see Camden.” Tired and barely able to keep his eyes open––he did just that. When they pulled in the driveway, Luke and I went out to greet them. Camden gets out of the car holding her backpack and says, “This backpack is so heavy.” Luke quickly responded, “I am strong, I’ll carry it for you.” A couple days later, we were in the backyard and Camden announced that she did not like bugs. Luke, naturally, grabbed his plastic baseball bat and stated that he would get rid of all the bugs for her.

The other day at a playground Luke was playing with a little girl. She was struggling to get across one of those bridges that move when you walk across it. Luke jumped off the structure and “held” the bridge down so it wouldn’t move for her. Then when they found a bug by the slide, Luke quickly got rid of it and (very proudly) said, “I got rid of the bug for you.”

I just adore hime. The end.

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