Snapshots-Love Story

Casey was at work and I was sitting on the couch. Instant messaging at least once an hour with her was an everyday occurrence. We lived together and apparently still had so many important things to pass on. She worked during the day and I at night––how could we have possibly waited until eleven pmContinue reading “Snapshots-Love Story”

Snapshots-Old Wooden Boat

To take a trip through one’s life there are defining moments, things, or people that change you. They shape you into the person you are or are yet to be. I am going to open the story of my life and share those defining moments, things, or people–my snapshots. Snapshots will be a series ofContinue reading “Snapshots-Old Wooden Boat”


Recognizing the beauty of life. Knowing that love and passion create tranquility and purpose. Blessed. Blissfully happy. Fortunate. These feelings have overcome me and I never want them to leave. I wish I could bottle them into a solution. When hardships arise I could grab the solution, drink up and feel this way once again.Continue reading “Blessed”

Rolling Eyes

Growing up, my grandma called it “rolling eyes”. She talked about it often. So often that I asked her to stop because she had me scared to have kids. She didn’t. Stubbornness runs deep in my family and I knew I had to just put up with it. Grandma never knew the medical term forContinue reading “Rolling Eyes”

Sneaky Little Jerk

Gastroenteritis (the stomach virus) aka sneaky little jerk invaded our lives early Wednesday morning around four am. What started out as a night of much needed rest turned into a what Matt and I consider the worst days of our lives. Luke woke up around four am and announced (loudly) as he always does thatContinue reading “Sneaky Little Jerk”

I’m Like a Bird…

I used to fly. No, not in an airplane. My actual body would float through the air. I would jump from the ground and land in trees. At night when everyone else was sleeping, I would fly up and down the stairs. Then I would wake up. Flying was what I dreamed about every singleContinue reading “I’m Like a Bird…”

Bad Santa

Yesterday I met a friend at a museum so we could take the kids to see Santa. Luke was so excited. He absolutely loves the museum and I do too. We arrived and immediately got in line. As a parent to young kids anytime I see a line, I cringe. Expecting any young child toContinue reading “Bad Santa”