I am rocking Oliver; our cheeks are pressed against each others. Luke crawls up on my lap and I kiss his forehead. Luke reaches over and holds Oliver’s hand. Both boys are smiling. There is no other place I can imagine being. It doesn’t last long. Luke gets down and asks for something to eat. Oliver follows. I make breakfast and then dress the boys for the day. We walk to the park that is down the street. Oliver follows Luke around and his eyes tell me that he can’t wait to climb and play as his big brother does. We walk back home and change into swimsuits. The boys splash around in the pool then climb into the sandbox. Wet sand is stuck to every inch of their exposed skin. I rinse the boys off with the hose, dry them with a towel, and we go inside.

It is lunchtime. I put a cheese pizza in the oven for Luke and make Oliver a grilled cheese sandwich. After lunch Oliver goes down for a nap. He naps for about three hours. During that time, Luke and I do activities…spelling, crafts or whatever. I also fit in some laundry and dishes. Luke loves to help with the daily chores. Oliver wakes up and we play in his room. He loves the Elmo puppet book. Both Luke and Oliver dance around as Elmo the puppet (Mommy) sings silly songs.

The day has passed by so fast and it is time to cook dinner. The boys flock to the kitchen and the whining for food begins. In order to stay sane, I blast some music and dance around. Distraction works wonders. The whining winds down and my boys are happy dancing and laughing at their goofy Mommy. Dinner is just about finished as Matt walks in the door. The boys attack him. Matt takes them upstairs while he changes. I set the table and then dinner is served. After dinner, we clean up, relax and then get Luke and Oliver ready for bed. Oliver goes down first and then Luke. Matt and I will hang out and then go to bed.
This is my usual day. How lucky am I that I get to stay at home and experience this kind of joy on a daily basis? I only work one weekend a month and sometimes that feels like it is too much. I love that I get to watch my boys grow, laugh, cry, throw tantrums, play and discover. I love my simple life. The end.

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