Sneaky Little Jerk

Gastroenteritis (the stomach virus) aka sneaky little jerk invaded our lives early Wednesday morning around four am. What started out as a night of much needed rest turned into a what Matt and I consider the worst days of our lives. Luke woke up around four am and announced (loudly) as he always does that he need to go to the bathroom. Matt went down to check on him. Not long after, I heard him yelling that he needed my help. What was I going to walk into to? Was there going to be pee sprayed on the floors and walls? Or worse poop everywhere? Or maybe Luke was just giving Matt a hard time. Which if that was the case, I’d be really ticked that I had to intervene.

The only light on in the house was the bathroom light. When I first walked in my eyes had not yet adjusted. All I saw was a puddle of bright red on the floor. He’s puking up blood was my first thought. I freaked a bit. My eyes adjust, my vision clears…my mind more alert as well and I realize that it wasn’t blood. It was all the fruit he had ate earlier. Gross but not scary like blood. Soon after the loose stools and fever arrive. We took him to the doctor later that day because he was also showing signs of his reoccurring ear infection. Antibiotic started for ear.

The sneaky little jerk strikes again. Thursday night close to midnight Oliver wakes up with projectile vomiting. Soon after loose stools and fever arrive. Both kids hit. I don’t need to go into details of what exited their little bodies but it was stomach churning. I have never been a weak stomached person but that stuff was pure nastiness. Two sick kids Friday and Saturday. Tired doesn’t even begin to explain how we felt. Matt and I were butt wiping zombies.

Sunday was the same routine as Friday and Saturday. Luke’s symptoms were starting to let up a bit so the day was better. Sunday evening Matt and I were convinced that we had beat this trifling little bastard. We were not going to let him attack us. Two sick kids were enough. We went to bed and both kids slept through the night. When I woke up Monday morning, I swore. All sorts of profanities went through my mind. My stomach churned and I knew what was coming. Same thing with my husband. The sneaky little jerk struck yet again but this time he was laughing at us. Why did we think we would get passed by? Sneaky little jerks show no mercy.

Yesterday was one of the hardest days of my life. It is scary when you feel like you can’t physically take care of your kids. It was only one day, I can’t imagine having a chronic illness where most of my days would be like that. I remember this one patient I had. She was in her forties and had two young girls aged ten and thirteen, I think. Anyways, she had MS. Saddest case I had ever seen. There were many times taking care of her I would be fighting back tears. As soon as I would leave the room, the tears would flow. She was always crying, talking about everything she was going to miss with her daughters. The only thing I could do was listen and hold her hand. Ugh, I am crying just thinking about it. MS is one of the sneakiest little jerks out there.

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