(in a low scary voice) Welcome to My Mind

A random list of likes and dislikes.

1. I like warmth. Anything warm. Warm weather. Warm feet. Warm cup of coffee. Or tea. Warm bath. Warm blankets. Warm hubby laying next to me.

2. I like to think. I over think everything. Not in an distressful way. Some people over think and it makes them anxious. Thinking relaxes me. I enjoy it immensely. Except when my brain gets clogged (that is why I always keep journals).

3. I dislike when my brain is clogged.

4. I like to write.

5. I dislike Uggs. Never owned a pair and I wish they would vanish. One day, just vanish. Even if it was -10 degrees and they left people trudging through snow in stocking feet.

6. I like Audrey Hepburn. Even before it was trendy to like her. Her style is amazing and timeless. Her movies are classics.

7. I dislike microaggression- a non-physical form of aggression involving demeaning implications and other subtle insults (even though I have been guilty of it myself).

8. I like the word microaggression and need to start using more often.

9. I like quirky people.

10. I dislike people who are afraid to be quirky.

11. I like my kids and kids in general.

12. I like how exciting life is for kids and want that kind of excitement back in my own life.

13. I dislike micromanagement.

14. Apparently, I like words that start with micro.

15. I like forgiveness. When I hold a grudge it’s like this constant agonizing parasite that eats away at my soul.

16. I dislike unfriendly competition.

17. I dislike when my kids are sick. Luke is sick right now and he is pitiful and it gives me the same feeling as when I hold a grudge.

18. I like my husband. I love him, naturally, but I like him and that sometimes is harder than loving a person.

The End
( I like putting “the end” at closings)

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