To take a trip through one’s life there are defining moments, things, or people that change you. They shape you into the person you are or are yet to be. I am going to open the story of my life and share those defining moments, things, or people–my snapshots. Snapshots will be a series of blog posts in no particular order.

Packing three kids in a backseat must have been a headache. Packing three kids in a backseat bickering and fighting for every inch of space with elbows jabbing and flying in the air must have been a nightmare. It never stopped my parents. They took us everywhere. We experienced every possible adventure as a family. My parents were either out of their mind or they were saints–or maybe both. This day was no different.

The gravel crackling under the car tires deadened the backseat quarrel. Elbows miraculously returned to their owners. Silence. Peace. Smirks on my parents faces appeared. I now know this smirk very well. Matt and I have the same smirk on Christmas or any other occasion where we give our kids presents. It is a gift from God to be able to have this smirk. My brothers and I sat in awe of the marina. Boats everywhere and the people all seemed to have smiles on their faces; it was dreamlike. We pull into a spot in the grass. My dad announces, “Here it is.” There it was. This old wooden boat in the grass. It was amazing. The boat seemed so big and so old. I couldn’t help but wonder if it would ever float. My dad told us it would take a lot of hard work and that he would need our help if we ever wanted to take it on the water. That winter, every spare moment we had we worked on it. Cleaning, sanding, cleaning some more, staining and varnishing the inside. Then replacing wood, sanding, sealing, and painting the exterior. Then spring came and we put the boat in the water. Gasping, hoping it would stay afloat and taking it for a ride for the first time down the river. That feeling? Well it was breathtaking. Knowing all the hard work we put in as a family paid off. Pat on the back to my parents. No wonder I have a love for old things.

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