Recognizing the beauty of life. Knowing that love and passion create tranquility and purpose. Blessed. Blissfully happy. Fortunate. These feelings have overcome me and I never want them to leave. I wish I could bottle them into a solution. When hardships arise I could grab the solution, drink up and feel this way once again. Then again–life isn’t intended to be that way. You have to feel the downs in order to appreciate the ups.

Sunday was Mother’s day. A day to appreciate the moms in your life and to cherish the gift of being a mom. I had a good day. I thought a lot of my grandma but not in a sad way. The memories brought smiles instead of tears. Which is a nice change. I feel blessed to have had her as a grandma. Blessed to have my last living grandma. Blessed to have my mom. Blessed to have my mother-in-law. Not everyone can say that they have or had such wonderful role models in their life.

In appreciation to my mom, here are some things she has taught me:

~Laugh and don’t take life too seriously.

~Be yourself. If you want to wear a fuzzy cheetah print coat, by all means rock it like there’s no tomorrow.

~Rod Stewart can lift any bad mood. I am shaking my head as I type this because I loathed him as a teen. Now (not sure if it is because it reminds me of my mom) I love his music.

~Love and put faith in God.

~Did I mention not to take life too serious?

~Work hard.

~Use common sense.

~Life isn’t perfect or about being perfect.

~Sometimes you have to overlook the bad to see the good. This can apply to people, things…

I am learning everyday to become a better mom. To take things passed down from the mother figures in my life and apply to my own. But to also learn to do some things differently…my own little twist on life. I pray I never stop improving. Years from now to be able to look at my children and be proud of the hard work Matt and I have done. To leave a mark on my children that shouts, “My parents loved me and worked hard to help me become who I am today.”

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