Casey was at work and I was sitting on the couch. Instant messaging at least once an hour with her was an everyday occurrence. We lived together and apparently still had so many important things to pass on. She worked during the day and I at night––how could we have possibly waited until eleven pm to tell each other these things? Here is how I recall this important IM:

“Casey”: Hey do you think that guy Matt I work with is cute?

Me: Yes he is really cute…why are you asking me that?

“Casey”: Just wondering what you thought of him.

Me: Ok

That seemed like a pretty normal conversation between two females. Right? I went to work that afternoon, came home and Casey and I hung out for a while before we went to bed. I asked her again why she was asking me that because I am nosy. My recollection of our conversation:

Casey: (confused look on face) What?!? Matt! That jerk (or something along those lines). He must have jumped on my computer when I ran out side.

Me: (completely embarrassed) I should have known.

The next day I decided to get even. I found a picture of him on the computer…probably one from Casey and went to work. The end result was his cute little face superimposed on a jester’s body. I had a hobby of superimposing heads on random things. I must say, it was some of my best work. The next part was Casey’s job. She printed a bunch out and posted them throughout their workplace.

Long story short, Matt met his match and so did I. We took things slow and our love grew and grew and grew. Now married with two kids. Who would have thought?

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