Sometimes I have flashes of shock. Total utter shock when I look at my kids. I’m a mom? Wow. Yes I am. I have two kids? Yes I do. Not to sound cliche but where has the time gone?

In five years I got married (to the right person) and became a mother of two kids. In five years I have become the person I was always meant to be.

Never have I felt more blessed. Never have I felt more secure. Never have I felt more tired.

I should be packing for our vacation but I don’t feel like it. I should/could be doing a lot of productive things but here I sit blogging.

Oliver’s first birthday party was so much fun. I am sad it is all over. Party planning is the best. Too bad I couldn’t make a living doing it. But oh…my sadness dissipates as I remind myself that Luke has a party next month.

My friend Breana and I recently went to visit the place we almost (could have) died in car crash. An old dirt road with fields and water that dead ends to an old house. I get the chills just thinking about it. The reason we went? An old friend of Breana’s died. He was there the night we crashed. As we stood by the water I couldn’t help thinking what if one or both of us died that night?

I am starting to get a few gray hairs. I don’t like to dye it. I like being natural but I don’t want to look old. Do you even care?

I have become obsessed with essential oils. Frankincense is my favorite. It also happens to be the most expensive one I buy. Figures.

Luke has my stubbornness. Good and bad. He also has my flair for being dramatic. Good and bad.

Oliver has my stubbornness too. I’m in trouble.

My mind keeps wandering to my to do list so I better stop being lazy and get to work.

Thanks for stopping by!

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