Steady Arms

There was a situation with one of my boys that left him feeling insecure, hurt, and a bit angry. The words he used, the expressions on his face, and his slumped shoulders unsettled some past dust in my own life. Feeling his pain and my own, I embraced him and prayed for guidance before IContinue reading “Steady Arms”

The Beautiful Mundane

We moved into our house about 4 years ago. Four years! It struck me quite hard a while back when we began planning the remodeling of our home. I started to think of the time and in many ways my mind went blank. That really resonated with me because I love memories and I loveContinue reading “The Beautiful Mundane”


  My oldest turns nine tomorrow. How is that even possible? Earlier today we were at the park with some friends. We were catching crayfish and Luke wanted help over a rock. We somehow ended up with me carrying him like a baby. We joked about how I never get to hold him anymore. AsContinue reading “Luke”

Do We?

Do we blame the murderer? Or do we blame his alcoholic father who beat him and his mother? Do we blame the weak mother who stayed with the alcoholic father and allowed it to happen? Or do we blame the mother’s stepfather who raped her every other night for three years? Do we blame theContinue reading “Do We?”

Until We Fully Bloom

Dreaming of one fine morning, my impatience wildly grows. This spring has produced icicle covered branches far beyond the expected span. I long for the beaming of the warm sun on my face. I think of springs past. I see my great-grandma slowly rocking on her back porch staring into the mist-filled mountains. Her softContinue reading “Until We Fully Bloom”

My Dear Stranger

Lying awake in the middle of the night, I think of my stranger. I wonder how he is doing. His words replay in my mind. Are you a praying person? Will you pray for me, a stranger? My name is Matthew. I looked for him after that day, but never did I see him again. MyContinue reading “My Dear Stranger”

Broken Wings

It was early morning and the boys energy was rising quicker than the sun. I went into our room to grab something and noticed my husband in peaceful slumber. I decided to change out of my pajamas and take the boys down to the beach so Matt could catch up on some much needed rest.Continue reading “Broken Wings”