C847A552-22B8-4EB4-B816-75161DD88C47Certain people’s voices have a way of calming and carrying away my troubles. It is as though I can feel it on a cellular level. I mean, maybe not that much…or maybe so? Hmm. Yesterday it was my dad’s voice. Somedays it is the last voicemail from my grandma that I cannot seem to erase. I have one of my other grandma from her old work voicemail greeting as well that I cherish. My mom’s voice, my husband’s voice, and my kids voice ignite the same. Last week, my son had to call me from school. The sound of his voice, although I had just seen him a couple hours before, pulled me out of my worries and into a feeling of something I can’t quite describe.

A feeling of something I can’t quite describe. I bet as you read those words, you knew exactly what I meant. I bet you pictured one or more people in your life, past or present, whose voice does the same.

There are many times I have wished to pick up my phone to hear God’s voice in the same manner. I wonder what it would sound like? Strong but yet gentle and soothing, I imagine. What would I say to Him? Better yet, what would He say to me?  I would hope to hear Him simply say, “I love you and keep up the good work.” Yes, that would be enough for me. Those are the words I long to hear from people close to me. (Can you guess one of my love languages?) God designed me as such––to be the type who feels most at peace when I try to keep doing better at whatever it is I am doing in life. Yep, that pretty much sums me up.

So, what simple words would you like to hear from God?

“His master replied, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things. Come and share your master’s happiness!”

~Matthew 25:23

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