It is what he does!

What was it like in Eden? To walk with God, like literally walk with him? My feeble mind cannot even fathom. I used to get near angry when I would think about how they could screw up something so perfect and peaceful. I used to wonder why God would let them screw up. I usedContinue reading “It is what he does!”

The Mosaic Is Me.

Who am I? A jumbled mess and a masterpiece. Mentally and spiritually strong, yet weak. Shaping, bewildering, molding, and tearing me. All these things, how can they be? I fall to my knees. I beg and plead. Show me the truth, so I can see. My soul quickly swells with a binding peace. The answer’sContinue reading “The Mosaic Is Me.”

Changing Tires.

Driving fast down an old dirt road, I kept glancing in the mirror at my kids in the backseat. Their eyes told me their discomfort was rising. My husband’s tension was evident by his firm grip on the wheel. The low tire pressure alert lit up on the dashboard. We just wanted to get toContinue reading “Changing Tires.”


Three years ago today, my grandma died. I had a dream about her last night and her presence was so clear that when I woke up it took time to realize it was a dream. Her death came rushing back in my mind. The pain was as fresh as it was that day. I haveContinue reading “Today”

He is more than…

The conference began with a huge smile from Luke’s teacher. The teacher consultant walked in and sat down. She began with a huge smile on her face, as well. “Luke is just a neat kid, ” she said. “He really is. I was so excited when I found out he was going to be myContinue reading “He is more than…”