It Must be Holy Week

Worship music stirs my soul and it is as though I can physically feel the heaviness of life lift. I glance at my youngest bouncing as the beat pulses through every part of him, through his innermost being. I watch my oldest son kneel after communion and wonder if his prayers are the same asContinue reading “It Must be Holy Week”

Today’s Been a Good Day

Today’s been a good day. Luke’s tics are low, his spirits high. He woke up early and read an entire chapter book. He wrote a book report. He aced his Social Studies test. He whipped through Math. He carefully and neatly did his Handwriting. He cooked his own lunch. He cleaned his room. He studiedContinue reading “Today’s Been a Good Day”

My Story. His Story.

A few years back as I was scrolling through Facebook, I came across a video of my grandpa. His church, my childhood church, did a series of interviews from some of their members. They were all focused on connecting their stories with Jesus’ story. My grandpa spoke a lot about my grandma and the lifeContinue reading “My Story. His Story.”

Brittle Leaves

As we drove down the snow-covered highway, I watched out my window as the¬†scenery slipped by. Some of the trees had a few brown leaves still hanging on the branches. I wondered how the brittle leaves survived the ice, snow, and wind this winter has inflicted on them. There were large powerful looking trees thatContinue reading “Brittle Leaves”

Rooms of my Heart

Originally posted on Through the Stillness:
In the rooms of my heart the windows never close. I watch the swelling of the curtains as memories old and new blow through. My room of pain is deep within. Layer upon layer of paint conceal the hurt that lies beneath. There is a closet of white clothes.…

Our Life Right Now

It’s 11am on a Sunday morning and we should be sitting in church. I want to be in church. Instead, we are home. It has been a rough weekend. It began Friday evening when Luke couldn’t fall asleep. We stayed up late because we were at someone’s house enjoying ourselves. We were doing what “normal”Continue reading “Our Life Right Now”


Certain people’s voices have a way of calming and carrying away my troubles. It is as though I can feel it on a cellular level. I mean, maybe not that much…or maybe so? Hmm. Yesterday it was my dad’s voice. Somedays it is the last voicemail from my grandma that I cannot seem to erase.Continue reading “Voices”

Never Alone

I felt God as I watched Luke, tired and worn, with his head down walking up to me after school. His arm jerked up to his chest and his opposite leg jerked up immediately after. He glanced around with fear in his eyes. The tics growing ever worse and his anxiety over the fear ofContinue reading “Never Alone”