Another Anniversary Blog

(Almost every year, I write a blog on our anniversary. Why? Because he loves my writing more than anyone else on earth.  I love him more than anyone else on earth.  Plus, I think it is important to celebrate each and every year as if it were the first.)  

I never had a list of qualities that I wanted in my future husband. I simply wanted someone who loved me the way my dad loves my mom. My parents have always been a great example of what to work toward in a marriage. They love each other in the way you should love your spouse. It shows in all they do. It shows in the way they tease each other. It shows in the way the are always on each other’s side.

In my teens, my mom once said to me, “I don’t know if you will ever be happy with a boy enough to marry him. You’re too picky.” I guess I was at that age. My response to her was, “When I have parents who are so happy together it is hard to settle for less.” She laughed and told me their kind of marriage doesn’t happen overnight. She then told me of one of their biggest fights.  “In that moment, I felt like I hated your dad.” Those words still strike me to the core.  I needed to hear it, though.

I needed to know marriage was not what I saw in my favorite movies. Marriage is real life. Marriage is work.  Marriage requires love and love is more than an emotion. As my mom said, marriage can stink at times–especially if you have young kids…

It is so true. You (sometimes) get tired, irritated, and not so nice. Your kids (sometimes) take a piece of you and your marriage because you just don’t have the time to connect. But there are other times while in the midst of the craziness you stop, look at your child, and smile because he is so much like your husband. Those qualities your child has are the same qualities that drew you to your husband. You then see your husband shaking his head and laughing at your other (loud) child who is just like you. Those are the moments you are reminded of how much you need each other. Those are the moments you thank God for your real life love.

There is no one on earth I’d rather grow old with. There is no one else I’d rather vent to when our kids are acting crazy. There is no one else I’d rather wake up next to. There is no one else I’d rather lean on when life gets the best of me. You’re it, you’re the guy for me. Thank you, Matt, for loving me through the best days and the worst. I look forward to saying, “I do” the rest of our days. XOXO



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6 responses to “Another Anniversary Blog”

  1. Happy anniversary!
    There was a lot that spoke to me in your post. It really is worth waiting for the person God has and not just going ahead doing your own thing! I will wait on the Lord….Thank you for sharing this post.


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