Clean, not tidy. Balance, not perfection.

IMG_6541I’m a bit behind on laundry.  Well, actually I am more than a bit behind.  I’m more like four loads behind.  But, we have clean towels.  Matt has clean work clothes and the rest of our closets have plenty to choose from as well.  Maybe it means we just have too many clothes.  Or it means…and it means (?) I have better things to do.

Yesterday the boys and I picked up the house.  It was clean, not super tidy, just clean. Then we went to the park.  I watched them play at the playground and then we went exploring in the woods.  Luke wanted to find something unusual. We ended up getting a little lost (because I’m me). On our adventure we found a creaky tree.  Like literally it was creaky.  I was waiting for it to fall over or something.  We also heard another very unusual noise further down the trail.  I still cannot figure out what it was.  The boys got scared and clung to me and it took all I had to keep my giggles contained.

Today, Luke was a bit under the weather.  I set Oliver up with a movie and I sat with Luke because he didn’t want to be alone.  My house is clean, not super tidy, just clean.  Maybe since I am a stay at home mom, I should keep things cleaner than I do.  But then, I cannot. Tidiness makes me anxious.

I like balance, not perfection.  

I like to go to bed at night knowing I chose to spend time with my family. I love to make memories.  I believe you can raise responsible kids and show them there are more important things than having everything in order all the time.  I don’t want my kids to get anxious when life is out of order. To me, that is no way to live.

My kids do chores.  They see our house clean and they see our house not so clean.  They help me make dinner and they have a dance party with me in the kitchen at the same time. Our neighbors may look through the windows thinking were nuts, but I don’t care.  Because we also read, do homework, pray together, talk, clean, build, do yard work, run, make messes, and then clean up all over again. I know my way of life is not for everyone, but it’s definitely for me!


One response to “Clean, not tidy. Balance, not perfection.”

  1. If I had children I would want to live exactly as you do. Adventures in the park, dancing in the kitchen, working together on chores and cooking. Maybe your house isn’t perfect, but the way you live your life is! My house is in a total state of chaos at the moment as has been in other moments before and will be in moments to come. I do what my body allows me to and I usually end up with the area I cleaned looking in disrepair before I get the next one finished! LOL. Thanks for this awesome read!

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