It was a chilly day in November and we had plans to go to Greenfield Village to eat at the Eagle Tavern, one of our favorite places. Matt wanted to take a walk before we went to the restaurant.  It wasn’t exactly a great day to do so, but I agreed.  We walked to the little chapel but the door was locked and we kept going.  We walked toward the water and Matt sat me down on a bench.  He proposed.  I said yes.

That morning I had no clue how significant the day would be. I laugh at how Matt must of been scrambling to find another spot when he tried to pull the chapel doors open and they were locked. He didn’t show any sign of his failed plan, he just continued on keeping his cool. I think he knew our love was strong enough that no matter where we were, I would have been happy.

I do love it was there…and I love he knew I would love it. I have always liked everything about Greenfield Village, a place with historical buildings, houses, and such set up…a place you are taken back to simpler times.  To me, there is nothing more enchanting.

I was very much in love with him that day. I knew he was the one. I knew, I never knew real love until he came into my life. The days leading up to our wedding brought us closer and by the day we were married, I loved him more. Years have gone by and with the years we have seen joy and sorrow. The joys of becoming parents––watching first smiles, first steps, and many other firsts. The stresses of parenthood as well––sleepless nights, the many sacrifices, the pain of learning our child has an eye disorder.  There are friendships we have made and the ones we have maintained throughout the years, and other relationships that have strengthened us. We have lost loved ones, we have seen loved ones go through hard times, we have seen loved ones fall ill.  We have grown, we have hurt, we have laughed, cried, and yelled.  All of these things have brought us closer, a closeness I never imagined possible.  I love him more today than yesterday, and I will love him even more ten years from now.

Our love has evolved into love, there is no other way to describe it.

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