5B620260-CA9E-47EC-93D6-909D222E6D55I was listening to Linkin Park and knitting while I waited in the school parking lot. The two go together quite well, right? There was just something in the beat and something in the lyrics that spoke to a younger me who felt broken and confused. When I was younger, I couldn’t grasp how I could be broken and be a christian. It was as if I had to be one or the other. I was always both, of course. If I wasn’t broken, I wouldn’t need a savior. Why would any church preach anything different?

I was reminded of my brokenness, of our brokenness. But then the knitting, the art of interconnecting yarn, reminded me of God’s grace. It reminded me how He takes the broken and turns it into something beautiful. How our something beautiful can be used for the good of others. His grace quite literally connects us to others because He knows we can not and should not do it alone.

Last year I put most of my energy into homeschooling and helping Luke. Now he’s back in school and doing better. We are all doing better because of the hard work we put in last year. We had God holding and leading us through it all. I am beyond thankful for how it all worked out. Now though, I can feel God pulling, tugging, and knitting me back to where I was before. Well, maybe not back. The pattern has changed a bit because I’m different. I’m stronger now. That’s the beauty of it all.

2 thoughts on “Knitting the Way

  1. Once again your writing is beautiful and inspirational, Stacy! I’ve often thought of God as being a weaver, and knitter is pretty close to that.It’s comforting that He doesn’t allow brokenness to remain, or to be all there is. He redeems it for His purposes. I’m glad to know that your year of investing has produced good fruit in Luke’s life and that of your family.

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