The Narrow Road

Every morning as I rise, I am reminded of the two roads. One road is vast. So vast, there are times I forget where it ends.

It is appealing. It is easy. It is whatever I want it to be. It is always changing. It is the road traveled on by most.

The other road is narrow. I know where it leads. It never changes. It is hard at times, as there is a pulling in all directions from the vast road trying to snatch me away.

The vast road is selfish and doesn’t really love me. It gives me not what I need, only what I think I want. And what I think is usually wrong.

Even though I stumble the narrow road never forsakes me. It never holds a grudge as the vast road does. It carries me when I am weak.

I know, oh how I know by grace alone, through faith alone the narrow road widens. It gives me all I need. It gives me the only real peace I will ever know.

It is the ultimate gift I truly don’t deserve. By His sacrifice, I get to walk along this narrow road because it leads me home. It is my blessed assurance.


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