The Things That Make Us Weird


Some may think I’m weird for caring so much about trees. It is just that––I see them as part of God’s artwork.  I see how God intricately wove them, just as he did with you and I. Each tree has its own unique beauty.

Uniqueness has a way of calming me.  

One never knows by looking at a seed, how it will turn out.  We plant and we wait.  We can guess and we can try to manipulate a bit.  The thing is, nature has a way of following God’s plan better than us human’s do.

It is funny and weird, but I like the way the leaves sound on a windy day.  I like looking at the shoots and branches and how they grow and have little control. It somehow pulls me into the moment.  It reminds me to stop thinking and just be. It reminds me of who is really in control.

Yesterday, we had our trees trimmed.  I was devastated when I found they completely cut one of the shoots.  I actually almost cried.  They destroyed the most unique part of this tree.  The shoot shot out in a curve and covered part of the driveway like a canopy and now it is gone.  I’m no idiot, I understand the reasoning.  Still, it makes me sad.

Maybe it goes to show and reinforce the type of person I am.  I used the example of plastic surgery to my husband.  What if I went under the knife and changed what made me unique?  My husband listened (really listened) to my rambling and I love him for that. I love he cares about and accepts my weirdness. I don’t want to look or be like everyone else. I know you are probably laughing at me right now.  It is a stinking tree, for goodness sake.

I like the things that make us weird.  

I will get used to the tree once again.  I will see the benefits eventually. It will darken and blend in with the tree, just as we change and blend in with the world.  I hope I never fully forget what used to set this tree apart.  Just as, I hope you never forget what sets you apart…


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