I came across this picture yesterday as I was looking for another.  This was taken at least ten years ago. First thing I noticed was (of course) his mustache.  I chuckled as I remembered how the men in his office all grew one. I cannot recall the reason why and maybe because there was no significant reason. Just imagine walking in an office and seeing mustaches galore. Hilarious, right?

Next I noticed, or rather, I felt the love we had for each other even back then.  A photo taken on an ordinary day.  I obviously did not have my hair fixed pretty and did not have makeup on. I cherish and love this picture for what it shows and that is always more important than how I look.

So, this silly picture has me thinking. Today is my birthday. Not a milestone birthday…just regular one.  But this man got off work early for me. He goes out of his way to make me feel special. It is in all the little things he does for me that reminds me not everyone has the kind of love we have. It is a simple fact and it is a blessing that I sometimes take for granted…

I place my head on his shoulder and am proud he is mine and I am his. There is no other that can balance me as he does. He strengthens me. He accepts my quirkiness and is my biggest fan (and boy am I quirky). I see the way my boys look up to him and I fall in love even deeper.

We laugh together, we flirt, and we roll our eyes about our mutual annoyances. We have countless inside jokes because we’re cool…or we’re dorks…either way. Did I mention he is the hardest person to stay mad at?  If I look in his eyes I am done!  He’s my best friend and the love of my life.

Okay, okay I’ll stop now.  Sorry so mushy.


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