Broken Glasses

I noticed Luke’s glasses were not on his face as he crossed the street.  He stopped in front of me and raised his hand where his broken glasses lay.  I felt the pain as I looked in his eyes and he told me, “My friend broke them on the bus.”  I looked up as the bus pulled away.  I tried to motion for the bus to stop but it was too late.

I was a bit perturbed that the driver did not take the time to tell me of the incident and I knew getting a story out of an upset Luke would not be easy. For someone with such low vision like Luke, his glasses are truly a part of his body.  So to have someone break them is the equivalent of getting a black eye from someone. He was sad and mad at the situation.  Long story short, I kind of got the story of what happened and have also spoken to the school. I am not happy about it and I am not happy about how kids behave on the bus.  They were rough housing and his friend took it too far.

What I am happy about is how Luke has handled it since.  Luke decided after the incident that he no longer wants to sit with this kid.  I so admire him for making this decision on his own.  I know how hard it can be to make a decision such as this.  Luke told me he doesn’t like how they play mean and doesn’t want to be friends with him.  The more I think about it, the more proud I become.  In life, you must choose your friends wisely.  Sometimes it isn’t just about how a friend treats you.  It is also about how you feel and how you act around a person.

2 responses to “Broken Glasses”

  1. Hurray for Luke! It’s necessary to forgive those who hurt us (which is probably harder for us parents!!) but it’s also important to recognize what relationship are healthy and which ones are toxic. Go, Luke!

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