I had to look away. I fought the tears as much as I could, took a deep breath, and continued to eat my dinner.  I looked across the table again.  Oliver’s sweet face and his deep laughter…the thought of his perfect, untainted life made me turn my head once again.  Every time I looked at him all I could see was another little blond haired boy who lives in our area.  A boy who was recently put on hospice.

I have never laid eyes on this family.  Still, I am a wreck every time I think of him and what this family is going through. There’s a Facebook page for the community. Yesterday they posted a picture of him making Christmas cookies.  It was their Christmas Eve.  This morning a video was posted of him waking up asking to open his presents-because it is their Christmas.  What else can I say?  I can’t stop crying over it.

I know my mind will be on this boy and his family as I prepare for our Christmas season.  All we take for granted in life and all we complain about will tighten a knot in my stomach.  The thought of this little boy dying breaks my heart.  But then thought of the strong faith that this family has held onto strengthens my own faith.  I don’t know them…but what I have seen and heard makes me know they are a beautiful family.  A beautiful family in need of prayers.

Pray for them.

2 thoughts on “A Boy and his Christmas

  1. All my prayers will include this child and his family. Please keep us updated.

    We never understand do we, the mind of God? How I want to at times, though? I think He shows us things such as this, to make us stop our murmuring and complaining, and to stop us from taking our many blessings for granted. My Dad always told us kids, “When you begin to lose sight of what is important, “DON’T.” Those are words I have tried to live my whole life by. Have not always succeeded, but have tried. May God bless them and your grieving heart as well. Love and God Bless, SR

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