DSC_0834Being a parent is not always easy and it doesn’t always feel like the blessing it is. I don’t like when my kids suffer. I don’t handle those moments well sometimes. Even knowing life isn’t meant to be perfect, I wish I could take their pain, tears, and the bad moments away from them. I would take and endure all their hardships for them if I could––but I cannot. All I can do is pray and help equip them for all of life––the laughter and the tears.

We recently bought them a playscape for the backyard. As you can see from the pictures they love it. I am sure the newness will wear off and it will become less magical. For now though, it has given them joy. Joy that helps them forget about any troubles they may have. Joy. When their eyes connect with mine and those smiles pull me into their very soul I am reminded of the beauty of parenting.

Those smiles are a gift from God I never want to take for granted.

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