Stir Crazy Momma!

I am becoming increasingly more stir crazy as this winter draws to an end.  I am ready to see the green of the grass.  I am ready to open the doors of the cage (our house) and allow my kids to run free outside.  I am ready for cookouts and bonfires.  I want to see my boys big smiles as they whiz down a slide at the park.  I want to see their sugar buzz after an ice cream cone.  I want to hear their laughter of watching their mommy do a cartwheel in the grass.  I need this winter to end!

A couple weeks ago, we all had the stomach bug…that is always fun.  Then Friday night, Luke began with a cough and it has developed into an upper respiratory infection.  It begins all over again.  So, no school today…or tomorrow because he has a fever as well…hopefully by Wednesday he can return.  But then, Thursday is a half day and Friday they have no school.  You know what that does to a five year old stir crazy kid who loves to stay busy?  Yep.  It makes him even more stir crazy.  Let us not forget, my other son will more than likely be developing symptoms at any given moment.  Oh the anticipation…

Right now, my kids are resting and I decided to blog…but all I want to do is dream of warm sunny days…

We are having a picnic in our backyard with the boys.  The temperature is 76 degrees.  White fluffy cumulus clouds fill the sky.  No wind, the picnic blanket stays still as we eat peanut butter sandwiches––peanut butter and strawberry jelly for Matt and Luke.  We stirred up a perfect pitcher of lemonade with just the right amount of sweetness and just the right amount of tartness.  Ah, refreshing.  After we are done eating, the boys run around and play without any fussing or fighting over a purple ball. Truly it is a whine free day.  I pick up my book and read for a few minutes but decide to set my book down.  I watch them play––listening to the laughter, and feeling the joy of a perfect summer day. 


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