Reflections and the Gift of Christ

It was a Saturday and the kids at church were practicing their parts for the Christmas program.  I watched as they became more comfortable.  I watched my own son speak his words and I felt the Spirit working in my church.  The following day was the program and it was beautiful. I wasn’t much in the Christmas spirit but those kids gave it to me.  The joy I felt…the joy I feel anytime I am helping with the kids is indescribable.

In a sense, I usually feel more myself around kids than I do most adults.  Even through the chaos, I love it.  Now being a stay at home mom, I was able to teach during Vacation Bible School this year (by far, it was the best week of my year).  Actually, when I look back through my year, my best memories involve kids…and church.  2015 has been a great year full of blessings.  I didn’t think it was going to be.

A year ago today my grandma passed away.  I thank God for carrying me through it.  I thank Him for urging me to go to His word for strength.  I picked up my bible and ended up (without intending to) reading all of it in about seven months. Now, it is a daily habit I intend to keep.

Today will not be an easy day for me and my family as some will mourn all over for my grandma.  Three days before Christmas is not an ideal time to lose a loved one.  But then, she will forever be the most godly woman I have ever known.  So I guess every year, three days before Christmas, I will always be reminded of her and her love for Christ.

As I do all the last minute things to get ready for Christmas and feel the urge to get stressed, I will think of the Christmas program…I will think of my grandma…I will think of the greatest gift of all–Christ.