If the One

If the One who made all of creation delights in me, then why don’t I delight more in myself?

If the One set me free by facing life and death for me, then why don’t I feel more free?

He tells me to fear not, yet I fear so much.

He tells me to trust with all my heart, yet I’m inclined to lean on my own understanding.

I’m supposed to love my neighbor as myself. Does that mean when I don’t love my neighbor, I don’t really love myself?

I’m supposed to seek, knock, and He’ll answer. Am I really seeking? Like really? Am I knocking? Or lightly tapping?

Why, why, why do I feel His love so brillantly one day and the next it’s seems so dim?

Oh yea…

It’s called listening to the lies and forgetting His truth.

It’s called forgetting His truth is the only truth.

It’s called being human. Humans are weak because only He is strong.

The devil may pounce and yet I can boast because God’s power works despite my many, many weaknesses.

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