Twelve Years

Yesterday Matt needed to change a light bulb. It wasn’t just any lightbulb. It was the one going down to our basement. I wish there was an easy or safe way to change it. Picture stairs, a heighth you can’t reach, and a ladder that probably has some fine print saying not to use it on stairs. Why does there have to be a light fixture there?

My job was to stand on the other side of the door silently freaking out. I placed my head against the door listening as he yelled, “I’m going up…I’m going down…I’m going back up again…and down…oh just going up one more time…okay all done!”

Not to sound dramatic, but my pulse was quickening by the second, there was a weird sensation in my jaw and cheeks, and the rest of my was body frozen in a tense state. All I could think was I love this man––like truly deeply love this man. Not news. Of course I do. It’s just that in that moment it struck me so hard.

I too often forget how blessed I am to have a love like ours. He’s my best friend. He’s my biggest supporter and I hope he knows that I am his. I pray for many more years of being his bride and many more years of being able to still fit in my wedding gown. It may seem silly but I love putting it on and feeling like a bride, his bride. Maybe next time I try it on I’ll actually fix my hair and apply makeup. Happy Anniversary to the best guy ever.

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