Through Light Rain and Onions

B2C36697-57F3-4B80-8C03-A61CA14B60F2A light rain fell from the sky. I stared out the window with disappointment wishing the forecast would be slightly different. The days go by much easier when the sun is shining and we can enjoy our beautiful yard. As I sipped my coffee and allowed myself to slowly awaken, I noticed a few robins in our yard pecking at the wet soil to gather worms. The birds instinctively transitioned and knew with rain comes wet soil and with wet soil comes…so on and so on.

It reminded me there can be purpose in every season.

On the table that sits in front of the window I was staring out of sits a pot. In that pot we planted onion sprouts from an onion that began resprouting. In order to properly regrow the onions you have to peel away the layers and separate the different sprouts. Then you take the sprouts and plant them in soil. The boys have been taking turns watering the soil and we all have watched in amazement at how fast they’ve been growing.

It reminded me there are times you have to peel away layers or take things away in order to grow or regrow. 

There are days I struggle with all that is happening. Yesterday was one of those days. I felt cooped up and bored. Add to that how overwhelming it is to hear of and see so many people struggling. I long for the day people can reconnect with others and go back to work or wherever it is they are needing or simply wanting to go.

Then also, I think back to the things I learned in nursing school; the things I pledged to do to care for others. The person as a whole––physical, mental, spiritual, and social is a fine balance to keep. There’s a part of me that has found it easier balance myself and my family as a whole since the world has slowed down. For that reason, there’s a big part of me that doesn’t want everything to go back to the way it was. The ebb and flow of our days seem to feel more real and meaningful.

The other day I overheard my boys talking. One of them said to the other, “I love homeschooling. I miss friends and that part sucks, but homeschool is so much better.” The other one agreed and they moved on and began talking about their usual boy stuff. Mind you, we mostly have not been doing the distance learning stuff from the school. I know many have been struggling with that. So know, I am no better at being a distance learning parent. I just happened to find doing things closer to actual homeschooling (low tech usage) has been easier in our house. My point to sharing that is that I agree with my kids.

I miss seeing my people who live outside my home, but I love the slowing down of everything else. In this dreary season we have transitioned and discovered some purpose through all of it. Looking forward, I wonder what things we will decide to take away to regrow and find our new normal.



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