Another Day, Another Store

Not intentional on my end, but I was yet again stuck in a slow line at the store. It was for different reasons. The lady in front of me didn’t think her coupons went through and the cashier couldn’t find that they had either. A manager was called over and found that the coupons had gone through. Once they are swiped, it just shows up higher on the screen. Anyhow, there was a man behind me that had just a couple items in his cart. He kept looking for a different line. I turned to him and said he could go in front of me.

He thanked me and said he just cannot bring himself to use the self-pay checkouts because he was a Luddite. He is resistant to too much technology. He shook his head as he spoke of the complications with technology and how he liked it when things were simple. I nodded my head and agreed. He has a point.

Technology has its place in this world, it surely does. But, why does it feel like it is becoming a stronger force than the human race at times? I know, I know, I sound dramatic. But am I really being that dramatic? People choose their smartphones and tablets over the people sitting right next to them all the time.

I’m going to stop right here…

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