We need to stop believing in our own power to change people through our words, says a blogger who is using words right now. It is the truth, though. We depend too much on our own thoughts and opinions and our need to be right. Our emotions inevitably pull us away from the whole truth. We need to keep the power with the One who actually has it.

As Christians we have a duty to become wiser with our words. There are many verses on what our words do. I’m not saying we should pretend to be perfect. I’m not saying we cannot have opinions or feel passionate. With all that is happening politically it is hard not to. Yes, God works through us to reach others and yes through our words as well. We (myself included) just need to be more careful to ensure our words are doing what the scriptures tell our words to do…not what the scriptures tell our words not to do. Will we screw up at times? I don’t think I even need to answer that.

Look at all that is happening right now. Scroll through your Social Media newsfeed and see the debates between brothers and sisters in Christ. Then, think about it through the eyes of the enemy. If I were the enemy (Satan) I would be very pleased with how things are playing out right now. He knows the work of the church, bringing others to Christ, cannot be done fully when we are battling against each other.

We need to stop claiming to be more Christian than the other or that the other has hate in their heart-or that the other just doesn’t get it. Trust me, you don’t need to come straight out and say any of that outright. People know what you are implying…and sometimes they just think you are implying that. We cannot always prevent people from the latter, but we should be aware and sensitive.

We are wasting too much time trying to be right that we are missing the point of what is right.

Let’s take a stand by kneeling. We’ve all been standing too long. Am I the only one that is tired? Let’s trust God. Surely, prayer can change others and it can also change you. Let us pray more than we vent, pray more before we speak (even if it is the truth), and continue to do the work set out before us. It has to be better to give this to God. Because, pushing people away from the church over politics and emotions is devastating.

11 responses to “Words”

  1. This is so true. We need to continue to pray for unity as the body of Christ. What unites us is more powerful than what seeks to divide us. Very well written post. Thank you for sharing your thoughts so well!

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  2. I’m tired, that’s for sure. These past few weeks have been so divisive with so many people claiming that it is their way or the highway. The daily bombardment in the media is overwhelming and wearisome. It’s no wonder so many of us are tired.

    The world would be such a beautiful place if only we could all remember that we all belong to one human race. ❤️

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  3. Thanks for your post. Another reminder to check our motivation before jumping into discussions. Are we seeking to lovingly outline a belief or even correct out of love for the other person or are we simply stamping our feet, wanting others to think that we are right? Our motivation will not only determine the words we use but the tone and attitude behind those words.

    We will never run out of topics of disagreement so we need to choose our battles wisely and always seek to heal rather than to wound. That still might mean that we need to be strong and use strong words at times but it’s got to be about more than winning an argument.

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