I kept going.  I felt a pulling in me to stop.  Just stop and be still, Stacy.  But, I didn’t.  I just got frustrated. Frustration led to stagnation and self-doubt. I always strive for growth in life–I couldn’t understand why I wasn’t growing.

It was then, I called out to the One who I should have sought in the first place. It was as though I felt His hands on my shoulders forcing me to stop.  I stopped.  I breathed. I let go.

I began to pray more fervently. The sermon on the following Sunday was for me, it really was.  God was telling me what I needed to hear.  He never left me. He was there all along telling me to stop. I just refused to follow His lead. I was like a toddler running away from their parent who was only trying to get them to stop long enough to get their shoes on so they could get out the door.

I forgot the importance of getting ready before my next adventure.  Duh. My feet need shoes if I am going to run the race marked out for me.

3 responses to “STOP AND PUT YOUR SHOES ON!”

  1. Great analogy! I can really relate to this, I don’t like to stop, I tend to just charge ahead! Thanks for the reminder!!

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