bible-by-candlelightI make an effort each and every day to stay in the Word. It brings me peace. It gives me strength. It does not make me feel superior for doing so. Quite the opposite, actually. It humbles me and reminds me I cannot do things on my own.

I want my kids to see my faith in action. I want them to see it is more than going to church on a Sunday morning. Because, I cannot help but to believe we can do more outside the walls of the church than inside. That is not saying we we don’t need church. We do. It is just that we need to put into action what we learn and what we gain from inside the church. That is our purpose…to take the church with us in our everyday lives.

When I was getting the kids ready for bed last night, Oliver grabbed a bible. He then began to preach to me. With his finger pointing at me he said, “Jesus died on the cross for all of our sins. When we believe, we get to go to heaven…”  He went on with his cute little version of the gospel. I glanced over at Luke. He was on his own bed with his prayer journal. Earlier in the day, Luke was telling me his friend from school (who doesn’t go to church) knows God is real. I asked Luke how he knows his friend believes this and he said, “Because we talk about it.”

I could go on with little examples like this, but my point is not to brag about my kids and their faith. My point is that my kids are taking the church with them already. I cannot take full credit for this, but, it is normal for them to see me living out my faith and so it is easier for them to live out theirs.  You know, parents have the biggest influence on their kids faith.

Will they live out their faith the same way I do? No. They aren’t meant to. Will they struggle? I still do at times. Will they walk away from their faith? They may. But then they may also walk right back into it and be even stronger for it. There is no guarantee.

You have to make a choice. You can go to church or not go.  You can live out your faith outside the walls of the church or not. You can believe in God and know there is nothing you can do to earn your salvation…which is true. But that isn’t the whole picture. There is more to it. The more faith you grow (the more you are in the Word) the more you feel led to live it and share it. Try it. I challenge you. I promise, you will see I am right.

I always want to remember that and I want my family to as well–because I love them that much! But, I have to put forth the effort regardless of what is going on around me. It isn’t always easy. I know there will be times when I fail. We all do.

I don’t want to become fully desensitized to this world. When I am faithful in reading His word…listening to God through His word…I feel the stable joy underneath all the muck this world throws at me. And, that is a joy that cannot be contained.

The end.



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