cross_jesus_woodTrue forgiveness starts from within.  It starts from within oneself and works its way out. If we wait for what we think the other side should or shouldn’t do that is not forgiveness.

We are to forgive others as He forgives us.

Christ’s blood poured out of His body before we were even born. Yet it is still powerful enough to continuously cover us for the sins of yesterday, today, and the days to come. Despite what we do, His blood keeps no record.

We must forgive, despite what we feel the other person is or is not doing. Why? Because Christ did and still does the same for us. We have no way of knowing what God is doing in someone else’s heart. We have no idea the layers one is fighting to tear down. Remember, we cannot control anyone else’s heart, only our own.

Satan wants us to see what is lacking in the other. When we focus on such, Satan wins. The best we can do is to try to keep the plank out of our own eyes and love others. True forgiveness and true love always go hand in hand.

Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs.” (1 Corinthians 13:4-5)

 No record.  

4 thoughts on “No record

  1. Yes! I especially love what you illuminate in your first, third and fourth paragraphs – all very wise. We can only control ourselves; we absolutely cannot change anyone else unless, perhaps, they see the change and love in us, but that is beyond our control and should not be our intent.

    Forgiveness is so important; that is why it is included in the Lord’s Prayer.

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  2. “We have no way of knowing what God is doing in someone else’s heart. We have no idea the layers one is fighting to tear down.” This is so true. To love another is to not judge. When we don’t forgive, we are judging. When we feel threatened, we are not living in God’s abundant love which lacks nothing. It’s a journey for sure! And I don’t pretend to have it all figured out, but those moments that I do, what peace envelopes me. You have described forgiveness God’s way, His perfect way, so eloquently. Thank you!

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