Unselfish Love

Rain has been falling, falling, falling. It is wet and dreary with seemingly no end in sight. I am beginning to wonder if the sun has hidden itself somewhere. Maybe it needed a break. I understand, my dear sun, it can be quite tiring to always be needed. I ask, “Who has been taking care of you?”

The rain apparently has brought out my dramatic side. It has thickened my weariness as well. I am thankful, though, because it has forced me to stop. When I stop, I think. I need my time to get lost in my own mind. As it is sometimes the only solace I find when this world gets crazy. So yes, I feel as though the weariness has soothed my weary mind. If that makes any bit of sense.

What is my busy mind thinking of right now? Love is what is on my mind. Life has taught me love doesn’t always come easy. When you read about love in the bible you begin to realize we shouldn’t just love the people who are easy to love. I cannot help but to believe the ones who are the hardest to love are many times the ones who need it the most.

I wish I had some quick and easy secret as to how to accomplish this. I don’t. We all continuously need to work on loving others, but it is worth working on. I have seen what love can do and it is absolutely beautiful and powerful. It really is.

All I know for certain is that we need to forgive over and over and over again. I know I have said that before but it is worth repeating. We must also love people where they are at…not where we want them to be…and not where we may need them to be. Why? Because love is not supposed to be selfish.

The end.

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