I grew up thinking if I was a good person and didn’t make any mistakes nothing bad would happen to me. I blamed myself when bad things happened.  If I didn’t do or think that one thing I wasn’t supposed to this surely would not have ever happened. I admit, there are still times I get caught up with this sort of thinking.

I go to the Word, I pray, and I am reminded of God’s love. I am reminded Christianity is not about perfection. We are all sinners and we can’t earn an untainted life in this crazy world we live in.

This world is crazy, isn’t it? But then, turn the pages of history and you will see it always has been. There are things about the present times that make me so very proud to be living in the now. There are things of past times I wish I could bring back. Our life expectancy and quality of life is better, but stress and anxiety seems to strike us all more than ever. Would you choose the simplicity of the good old days over the conveniences of today?  Look at all the knowledge right at our fingertips.  Then, think of the days we didn’t have all the distractions.

I think we will always be evolving and regressing simultaneously.

That is life in the sinful world. We can work all we want but sin will always emerge. I know people may not want to hear this and I truly am not a negative person (I’m usually too positive). But this truth, guys. It is the reason we need to never give up trying to spread the gospel. We can never evolve enough to not need Christ. I’m not saying to throw our hands up and succumb to our sinful nature…of course we shouldn’t do that. We will never be perfect, though. Our lives will never be perfect!

I think of other religions and even some Christians (who totally miss the point of the cross…like I used to) and how they have to earn their salvation. No!  Christ suffered and died on the cross because we suck and could never do it on our own. Yes, I just said we all suck. We really do. But, we have a God who still loves us despite our sucky-ness. When He looks at us He sees Christ…he really does. Which, we totally don’t deserve. So, let us all take a moment and thank the Lord for what He did for us.

The end.



15 thoughts on “Evolving and Regressing

  1. Love this. We suck:-) Yes we do! you make a great point that we are regressing and evolving. It’s like we take two steps forward and one step back. That is why we have to keep close to God that we will always remember that He is in control. As you said whenever you are tempted to lose faith you go back to the word and remember His love.

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  2. Thank you for your lovely post. Sruggling with perfection, lacking joy because it always seems to elude us – these are some nagging problems some believers have. In our own power, we are nothing but Christ died for us and is seating at the right hand of the Father interceding for us. Halleluyah!

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  3. You said it all in this one sentence: “We can never evolve enough to not need Christ.” SO true, so good, and so important to remember so we don’t get caught up in working for our salvation. So enjoyed this post, thank you for sharing! Are you on Instagram?

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  4. I am one of those people that Jesus raised up out of a false system of belief and redeemed to Himself. I now know what it means to have freedom that only Jesus can bring – no more having to work to earn acceptance, joy, forgiveness, peace, contentment. It is simply freedom.

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  5. I love this…

    “I go to the Word, I pray, and I am reminded of God’s love. I am reminded Christianity is not about perfection. We are all sinners and we can’t earn an untainted life in this crazy world we live in.”

    It’s a great reminder for us all today :-). Looking forward to the next post…

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  6. Good stuff! I think the greatest sin of today’s pastor (I used to be one) is to preach self-help from the pulpit. It only encourages the kind of thinking that you’re talking about: we can improve to a point where we don’t need God. Opposite of His desire!

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