The way someone sees you says more about them than you.  

I didn’t always think this way.  I used to think it was me.  I must have done or said something. There must be something wrong with me. But I’ve come to realize how wrong I was.  I’m not perfect. You are not perfect either. I sometimes do say or do things that people don’t like…as do you.

You see, I needed to stop caring so much about trying to please others. I needed to embrace all of me, even the parts of me that may be annoying.  It sounds funny saying that outside of my mind, but it is true. Embracing all of me doesn’t mean I don’t try to work on bettering myself.  It doesn’t mean I never apologize, because I do.  I am a person that allows “I’m sorry” to flow out of my mouth on a daily basis.  I am a person who is continuously striving to become a better me.

Embracing all of me allowed me to see the beauty in the unique way God molded me. It freed me from trying to be like others.  It opened my eyes to all the pressures this world produces.  It poured God’s love on me like never before.  It revealed me.

I began to love myself more like the way God intended me to.  It empowered me to see the beauty in everyday life.  I no longer yearn for adventure; I now yearn for ways to show and share God’s love. I am more joyous because I have stopped chasing things and I have become still. I began to love others more as well. I stopped searching for perfection in others.

When others see only the bad in you, when others expect more from you than what you can give it is not your fault. Apologize when you screw up and continue to work on your weaknesses. Just don’t allow others misconceptions of you to seep into the beautiful you God designed you (and only you) to be.



10 thoughts on “Misconceptions

  1. I love this. I think when we embrace God’s love for us we can also see the things we do need to change in a healthy way, not self loathing or trying to people please but free from shame and secure in Him. Love this! Thank you for sharing ❤

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  2. Wow, amen. Thank you for sharing your heart and much truth in this post from your own experience. This post resonates so much with me, even though I have grown in this area, as I need to grow yet more. Blessings!

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  3. This puts everything in perspective. And teaches us to learn to hear what God says instead of what people say in order to know the truth about ourselves.


  4. Reblogged this on A Holy Calling and commented:
    This lovely post from a dear friend teaches us to define ourselves by what God says to be true about us and not limit ourselves to the perspective of the people around us because this also depends on who they are. She continues to encourage us to love ourselves as we are from her wonderful experience and growth. Check out her page to read more about misconceptions on ” Be Still”


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