Rambling at its finest.

Today is the fourth day of VBS.  I’m kinda exhausted, my brain is overloaded, but I feel so blessed to be a part of it.  Someone told me a story today and it made me realize how big VBS can be in someone’s life.  I mean, I already knew…but it is encouraging to hear that all the hard work is worth it and can truly impact someone’s entire life.

God places people in you life.  Those God moments you have with these people can be almost unbelievable.  I had a friend who’s had a tough week. I just tried to show her some love and encouragement so I wrote her a little note in a card this morning.  About ten minutes after, she called me to thank me for always being so sweet.  I didn’t tell her about the note on the phone.  When I saw her this morning, I gave her the card and told her that I actually wrote the note before she called me.  Her response was, “That’s creepy!”  We laughed because it is in the best possible way.

I don’t know really why I am even blogging about any of this.  I guess this rambling confirms what an awesome God we have.

My parents were in town too.  I asked them to make sure not to come to town during VBS week.  It is just too much.  I come home and want to prepare for the next day.  Plus my kids are tired from all the fun.  But also, I just get sad when my parents leave.  They left this morning.  I just wish they lived closer.

Life.  I get weighed down when those I care about are struggling.  And, I don’t see how people get through this life without the hope He brings.

I can’t get the VBS songs out of my head.  My kids and I have been singing them all week. Praise ye the Lord!


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