I strive to show my kids mercy and grace.  I encourage them to show themselves mercy and grace as well.  I do not expect perfection from them.  I only expect the effort of improvement.

I think we are all born with things that give us strength and also with things we will always need to work on.  Luke is a great kid with many characteristics I admire.  But, he also has moments that make me want to hide under a rock.  He is blunt and comes across as rude and aloof many times.  He blurts things out without thinking.  Sometimes it is funny, other times not so much.  He knows he does this and he tries not to.  This will always be the thing, socially, he will struggle with.

Oliver, is more emotional.  He gets embarrassed very easily.  He gets mad at people. But, he also has a joy that brings a lightness wherever he goes.  I guess my point is that no one is perfect. We all have imperfections and there are no one’s imperfections that are better than others.  You know what I mean?


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