We want to instill a strong faith in our kids.  We want them to stand up for their faith and not be ashamed.  We want them to have eternal life.


Why do adults not live the faith we would want our kids to have?  Why are we ashamed to strongly stand up for our beliefs?  Why are we so quiet in our worship (daily lives)?

I feel like I’ve been shoved in a cage.  Have faith but don’t fly.  Don’t share your faith too strongly or else you’ll be judged.  Water it down girl.  Just water it down.

The thing is that I don’t want to water it down.  I believe that is what child-like faith is supposed to be like.  I feel a joy that hurts when I don’t let it out.  I feel the power of the Holy Spirit in my life.  I am grateful for all He does in my life. I want others, especially my kids, to see His love through me.

That’s all.



3 thoughts on “Fly

  1. Ah, yes. Living the faith we want our kids to know… that’s key.

    As a mom to grown kids, I have regrets (we all will, regardless), but I’m trusting Jesus to lead them. My greatest gift as a mom is seeing my kids serve God and grow within a congregation of believers. They won’t be perfect. But neither are Rob and I.

    And it’s never too late for kids to (continue to) see us be excited and happy, growing in a faith that’s not watered down. Even if they’re adults. 🙂

    PS – wonderful picture!

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  2. We want our kids to do something we, ourselves, won’t model for them. It is kinda strange? How will our kids learn to live out their faith if they don’t see us doing it. Kinda an oxymoron, that’s for sure!

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