All before my eyes and the ridge behind is the spot my husband picked out for us. One day we will bring our grandkids here, I thought. I stood still and the rest of the world seemed to fade away. There were five adults and my two boys preparing to plant trees on the ridge directly behind me, but even their voices turned to faint whispers…

My husband is a patient man. He took his time picking and finding the spot on his uncle’s land. I was just ready and impatient and wanted to tell him to pick a spot to get it over with. Everyone else had been able to work on their spots and we helped…and it was nice but I wanted our own spot!  But that is not how Matt is with decisions.  I am so glad he is patient.  Because we would not have gotten this spot.  He wanted it to be the right spot, not just any spot.

I realized, as I snapped this picture that Matt’s patience in these matters is so much of a Christ-like trait.  Matt would probably shake his head no if I said this to his face…but really it is.  Christ does not want us to just settle. He wants us to be patient in every aspect of our lives. Patience is a part of following God’s will. I am thankful my husband reminded me of this…although he did not intentionally do so.

I had more than one moment this weekend where I felt His loving arms wrap around me. Truly,  nature has a way of forcing you to be still and feel His presence. I was walking in the woods, Oliver came running up to hold my hand. “I want to walk with you. Didn’t you hear me calling your name?”

I didn’t hear him because I was distracted by my own thoughts. But as his little hand grasped mine, my worries went away.  We walked and talked…his eyes looked up to mine…I felt how safe he feels with me…and I felt God’s love through Oliver’s touch. In this world we will feel lonely…even in places we feel we should not. We need to remember God is always calling us closer.  He is always right there wanting to walk with us.  His hand is always there to be held––and He is always a safe place.


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