The Fear of Hanging Upside Down


Remember as a kid hanging upside down just for fun?  I actually tried this not too long ago. I often am suckered into reliving my childhood through my kids.  “Mommy, you can do it!” So I do.  Or at least I try.  So, yep I was hanging upside down.  The rush of blood to my head felt familiar, but the view I had forgotten about.  The world looks different. You notice different things.  I couldn’t stay there for long because my old age wouldn’t allow or maybe it was fear that I was going to slip off the bar and crash.

I believe it was more fear than anything.  I realize many things of my childhood that I loved, I have fear for as an adult.  Last summer I played on the slip and slide with my boys. Fear almost stopped me. Really this fear is silly and a bit irrational. I do overcome these silly fears because I like to relive my childhood.  I like to have fun.

But fear has gripped me more than just in fun games.  I was a fearless child in every aspect. I didn’t think twice about approaching someone I wanted to be friends with. I remember leaving the playground with a new friend every time. If I wanted to try a new activity I jumped right in. I never thought twice about going on stage during a dance recital, even when I performed solo routines. When we took family vacations, excitement kept me up the night before…not anxiety of traveling. I also had no fear of telling someone when they hurt my feelings or fear of standing up for what I believed in. On and on the list goes on.

I realize the brain matures and we must think of consequences. Fear can be healthy.  But as adults (or at least for me) fear stands in the way too many times. Using an example of hanging upside down may seem dumb and insignificant…but when is the last time you have tried it?  I tell you, the blades of grass appeared sharper.  The greens were greener and the browns were browner. The roots of the trees so small compared to the trunk, but the complex twisting before they disappear into the ground reminded me of their strength and importance. You see, fear stops us from more than fun.  It muddies our minds so we fail to see how it all works together.

When is the last time you have looked at the world from a different view?



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