“Mommy, today is Good Friday because Jesus died for our sins.  But it was Sad Friday for Mary because her son died,” Luke said during our bible study yesterday.

When those words came out of his mouth it made me proud that he was thinking beyond the surface.  His statement is something that I usually skim past.  Yes, I have pictured her pain, but then I move quickly through to the next part.

Recently, something horrible happened and it caused a deep pain in me…for the person involved, the people who care about this person, and for this world that sometimes seems hopeless…

When something bad happens to someone I care about, I always feel guilt.  I feel as though I could have done something to prevent the situation. I over-think every aspect of what happened and see where I possibly failed. I could have done more, I could have said more, and I definitely could have prayed more.

I bet that is exactly how the people who loved Jesus felt today.  Yesterday would have been hard and the pain whirled through every part of their being. Today, though, I can picture Mary questioning her every move, word, and thought. There was probably a part of her that knew her son’s calling was beyond human reasoning…but still she was his mother.  Mother’s feel a need to protect their children, even when they know they don’t need it.

And now, think of how the disciples must have felt.  Peter.  In many ways I feel like a Peter.  I am devoted and passionate, but do I always step up in the hard times? Would I put my life on the line?  I can totally hear the rooster crow many times in my life.

What more could the disciples have done?  The hopelessness they must have felt.  Did they have doubt?  Oh yes.  I cannot fathom all that must have been going through their heads. Jesus told them what had to happen…but can human minds really grasp that? We can very easily question them, they walked with Jesus…they knew him.  But then he was dead. He was really dead.

Today may be a day of pain and of wondering what else could have been done. But we need to remember what tomorrow and the next day brings.  Trust in God’s plan.  Know that when there is more we could have done that we can do more the next time. We need rooster crows as reminders and we need Christ’s blood because God knew we couldn’t do it on our own.

This life will bring pain and regret, but hope is never fully lost.






2 thoughts on “And the Rooster Crows(Holy Saturday)

  1. Beautiful post. You know I always think about the Blessed Mother after it was all over and she went home to that silence. I always picture her laying in her bed and reliving every inch of what happened to her Son. All the yelling and hollering that was done. I do not know as a mother if I could have done it. She was so obedient to God, she never asked God to give Him back to her on that day. That is another thing as a mother I do not know if I could have done or not? What an example she is for us to follow. Love and God Bless, SR

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