Power of the Blood


Many times we get swept away by life and we forget the significance of the cross. The pain of the past, of the things that happened to us in childhood that were out of our control, and things of the present that are out of our control have a way of making us think Christ’s blood is out of our reach.

I have one friend especially that comes to mind. She doesn’t see her own beauty and it kills me.  I truly wish she could see what I see.  Her kindness, her generosity, her ability to make people feel comfortable and accepted…it is a gift not everyone has. I wish I could show up at her door every morning, give her a hug, and tell her she’s worthy and beautiful. Actually, I wish I could do that for many people in my life. I could make a job out of it. Stacy, your own personal daily inspiration giver–that would be me. Oh, I would love that. But, I’m sure people would get annoyed if I showed up at their door everyday.

Okay, back to reality…

Satan. He puts thoughts in our minds. Your sins are worse than so and so’s. You are not worthy. You are not a good person. People are judging you.  People don’t like you…the list goes on and on. Satan knows our weaknesses.  He knows the openings that allow doubt to sift into our minds.

But guess what?  Christ sees our strengths.  He sees the good.  He loves us. He believes in us. He is always on our side. He knew we were worthy enough to die for. Let us stop putting His blood on trial. His blood really is strong enough to cover all of our sins.  Stop doubting the power of His blood.

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