Coffee…get me off my butt!

I am supposed to be cleaning my van out…instead here I sit in front of the computer.  I may be getting a new vehicle, you know.  So I should be motivated to clean out my mom-mobile.  But here I sit.

I pulled my van out of the garage because it was backed in and Matt needed to get hockey sticks out…I realized I hadn’t left the house since Wednesday morning. Introvert?  Why yes, I most certainly am. Full hermit mode this week.  Oh my.  In my defense, Wednesday night  church was canceled, Thursday there was no school, Friday morning bible study was canceled, yesterday and today is due to pure laziness.  I didn’t even go to church this morning…which is not normal…at all.  Unless I am out of town, I am there with bells on.  I just woke up and Oliver was all snot-nosed and I didn’t feel so hot myself.  Matt and Luke were just fine…but we all skipped church…and I feel guilty!  Yep.

I know I am not going to hell for skipping. I know I am not going to hell for being lazy and typing this nonsense.  But still.  I need to get up and move.  Aaah, a cup of coffee will help. So, my first sip of coffee tastes pretty good.  We’ll see how I feel after…

I am about half way in now.  The coffee is starting to work its mojo.  The sun is shining and the temp is unusually warm for this time of year.  I am starting to look forward to  cleaning the mom-mobile out.

Before I go, I have to say that I am almost to the number of followers (which isn’t an outrageous number) on this blog that I said I wanted before I actually would pay for a blog.  I feel a bit humbled…and blessed to have this community!

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