Love, Love, Love some more He says.

Love is in the air as of late.  Not the mushy kind of love you usually think of. Real love.  The kind of love defined in the bible.  I know I already blogged about this. But I just cannot get it off my mind and He keeps reminding me in one way or the other how important it is.

So here I go again.  This time I will focus on myself. I believe I can say, without seeming as though I am boasting, that I am a kind person.  I give and I help a lot…some people say I give and help too much. But still, I have a love problem and I believe we all do. I get stingy with my love sometimes.  I feel taken advantage of and maybe I am. Maybe it is more that people know I care and am willing to give them the love they need…and deserve.  See how Satan will twist things in our minds?

I feel as though God expects from us what we can give.  So when I feel like I give enough and He tells me to give more…I need to stop fighting it. When it comes to love, He expects a lot from me.  Maybe He expects more from me in the love department than He does of most.  That is because of my gifts (especially the gift of mercy). God would never expect me to sing in front of the church because He did not give me that gift.  Am I making sense?

Anyway, I naturally love people and He has given me this ability to absorb others feelings.  Sometimes it is draining.  I actually avoid certain people sometimes because I feel so much of their pain.  I feel ashamed even admitting this. I use the excuse that it is a defense mechanism (this avoidance) because I need a chance to recharge.  I do need to recharge, that is part of being an introvert.  But if I am going to be fully honest with myself…then I should say…I am always good at finding time to do so.  So when I use the excuse, it is just an excuse. It is Satan telling me it is okay to avoid people.  Because sure enough when I bring it to God, He always gives me a way to use my gifts without draining me too much. Imagine that.

Whatever gift He has given you–use it!  Stop trying to control what He has given you.  Bring it to the One who gives you strength.



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